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The ambient thermostat

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The ambient thermostat

This winter, according to specialists, the temperature will vary quite a bit. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to maintain an optimal level of heat in the dwelling and enclosed spaces. Depending on the house we are in, we think of various methods of heating it during the winter. But there are many products that help us and give us great comfort when it comes to room temperature. Designed to simplify our lives and create a pleasant atmosphere for us, thermostats are the most optimal products you need to create the pleasant environment for you and others.

What is a thermostat and how it helps you

Are you wondering what a room thermostat is and what is it useful for? It helps, together with the heating system, the thermal plants to make a stop and start them in an automatic mode. In short, a thermostat helps to adjust the room temperature.

A thermostat performs control by switching or switching off heating or cooling devices or by regulating the flow of a heat transfer fluid as required to maintain the correct temperature. It can often be the main control unit for a heating or cooling system in applications ranging from ambient air control to vehicle coolant control.

The thermostats are used in any system or system that heats or cools at a reference temperature; examples include building heating, central heating, air conditioning, and kitchen equipment, including furnaces and refrigerators, and medical and scientific incubators.

Brief history

We benefit from many things, and we often do not wonder how these have occurred, but the thermostat has a less-anticipated story. It appeared around 1620, in England for the first time, being built by a Dutch engineer - Cornelis Drebbel. The idea behind it was that he wanted to regulate the temperature of a chicken incubator. The respective thermostat was mercury and worked to the level of expectations.

Since thermostats are not only used for dwellings but also for buildings, halls, and all kinds of rooms where temperature maintenance is desired, it has been desired to develop something more than a device for the incubator of the chickens. Thus, Scottish chemist Andrew Ure, further developed in 1830, a bi-metallic thermostat for textile factories that needed to maintain a constant temperature.

These two important actions have begun a series of events for the next few years. Thus, Warren S. Johnson of Wisconsin patented a bi-metal room thermostat in 1883 and two years later filed a patent for the first multi-zone thermostatic control system. Albert Butz invented the electric thermostat and patented it in 1886.

Over time, the technology and the possibilities to have as many options as possible, and an optimal design, have been felt today on the thermostats used. We can find out, depending on the needs and in particular wishes, our various models of room thermostats.
From the most modern ones that allow us to control through the smartphone to the simplest with reasonable prices. Here we can include if you want a thermostat wired or not, programmable or unscheduled.

It is very important that before you make the purchasing decision, you need to look carefully at the market and see what would benefit you. For any queries or guidance you need, Servi Therm team specialists are at your disposal to choose the best thermostat. It's time to make a pleasant environment for your home.

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