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The importance of chemical washes and the positive effects over our installations

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The importance of chemical washes and the positive effects over our installations

Once you have purchased an air conditioner, heat pump, solid fuel boiler or other facilities for your own use, you have made a long-term investment. However, in order to ensure a prolonged life of the installations, adequate maintenance of them is necessary over time. Various miseries or deposits on machines may stop operating or use at full capacity. Systems are starting to work harder until a shorter lifetime is reached.

Chemical cleaning of heating systems

Heating systems require special care over time to avoid waste formation. But at the same time an important aspect that should not be overlooked is that after the installation of the systems, they require a thorough cleaning. The heating system consists of a central unit, a pump, a boiler, valves, pipes and many others, leading to a mixture of metals. Having a mixture of water, solder paste and flux residues results in a chemical reaction in the form of black sludge and hydrogen gas.

These require a chemical wash, as heat transfer will be reduced to radiators, underfloor heating or the efficiency of the boiler as well as other elements in the system. To avoid system corrosion, it is advisable to carry out chemical washes. This removes black sludge, which is iron oxide and lime deposits, which subsequently lead to better operation, resulting in better system operation.

To avoid this, certain parts of the heating systems must be protected. Over time, the intensity of the chemical corrosion process is mainly influenced by the nature of the materials used, the concentration, temperature, corrosion pressure and contact time. One of the most damaging actions on metals has oxygen.

Although as an initial investment, also purchasing the entire heating system, it may seem costly to make another investment will not delight too much. However, in the long run, we must take into account that corrosion, the pieces destroyed by it or the affected metal may cost much more than the time they were originally purchased. The fitting of replacement equipment, the use of expensive anti-corrosion materials, special protection, and many other aspects, increase costs beyond initial investment. Avoids simple and cost-effective reduction in efficiency and bottlenecks as well as microbiological contamination.

Use of chemical washes

Installations need chemical washes to remove magnetite, oils and preservatives. This will be done with an alkaline agent that quickly removes mechanical residues and deposits of sludge from installations made of copper, aluminum or zinc. Thus, an expertise is made of the situation. Washing will be carried out by recirculation for 40 to 60 minutes with a wash pump, the direction being reversed every 20 minutes. As a result of chemical scrubbing, the dirt in the plant will be removed, the circulation of the improved thermal agent, thus optimizing the energy transfer.

Each product is specifically designed for a particular type of installation or products such as:

Solar panels
Central heating
Thermal Insulations
Boilers and sanitary circuits
Condensing thermal power stations
Thermal heat exchangers
Solar installations
Thermal solar systems
Solar panels or vacuum and photovoltaic tubes
Geothermal installations
Industrial thermal installations
Underfloor heating / central heating system


For each plant or products you've purchased, you'll find a product that will help keep it in place. And protecting against the many elements that lead to their destruction.

Where can you get chemical sanitation solutions?

On the Romanian market there are various companies that offer cleaning products for installations and much more, but it is very important to choose our supplier carefully because the product is as important as cleaning itself.

We at Servi Therm have chosen a long-term collaboration with our Laborex partners for the Chemstal products.

The company has been operating on the market for more than two decades. Building on values ​​such as professionalism, care for details, teamwork and innovation, respect, we trust our partners to offer you the most quality products. Furthermore, we can give you guidance in choosing the right product for your problems. Choose to protect yourself in the long run with chemical products!

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