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"Green House" - the program financed with 109.3 million lei by the Government

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"Green House" - the program financed with 109.3 million lei by the Government








Over time, especially in the past few years, the Government has developed many projects which had as a main purpose to support the roumanian people in taking different initiatives. Mainly, had offered fundings through different programs such as ”Rabla”, ”European Projects”, or ”Start-up nation”, some of them being more or less known. Covering different industries and domains which tried to encourage the development of starting your own company, the development of the disadvantaged areas (agriculture), or the support of  different lifestyle. Regarding a less known program - ”Green House” is representing one of the governmental programs designed for romanian people.



What is the ”Green House” program and what is it offering?

The name of the program itself is very suggestive about what the program may offer because it is about regenerable energy, encouraging people to instal solar panels. Its purpose is to improve the quality of the air, water and to reduce the pollution caused by burning woods, and other types of fuels used in producing the thermic energy in order to produce heating and warm water.


Being necessary to come with some solutions for this, even if on a long term the investition in solar panels is working, at the beginning, these can be a little bit expensive. A lot of people can't afford for their own houses to buy and to instal it. The program offers funding, and based on a set of eligibility criterias, you can receive some money from the government to install a new regenerable energy system, to replace a new one or to complete a classical system used for the home.


In 2017, the program could offer funds worth up to109,3 millions lei for people interested in this field. Each person has the possibility to get funds from 3.000 lei, up to 8.000 through the program, depending on the model of the panels or if you choosing a heating pump. If you have decided to apply for the program and what type of solar panel (pressurized or unpressurized), you have to consider the eligibility criteria, then prepare a dossier that you will later submit under the program.


Eligibility criteria for participation in the program

A very important aspect of this, without which you can not start the road, is that you can access the financing only if you are domiciled in Romania. Then there are a series of criteria to be fulfilled afterwards:


  • is the owner / co-owner of the land-real estate and building-building on which the heating system for which funding is requested is being implemented;
  • immovable property must not be the subject of a litigation pending before the courts, any claim under a special law or common law, to a procedure of expropriation for a cause of public utility;
  • has no outstanding obligations to the state budget, the local / local budget / budget, according to the national legislation in force;
  • in the activity carried out prior to the commencement of the project, was not convicted for environmental offenses by a final court decision;
  • has not received funding under the same program for the same building in previous sessions.


The eligibility criteria for the program are a first step in participating in the program, as there is also a category guide for eligible, ineligible expenditure plus the file to be submitted and subsequently approved.


The advantages of participating in the program and to use regenerable energy

If you are wondering why you should participate in this program, you first need to identify the benefits of using renewable energy. Both from the environmental and economic point of view, renewable energy is the ideal option for any home. Although the initial cost of installing a solar energy collection system initially discourages us from doing so, that's why they have  implement this project to help us overcome this first step.



The funds received through the "GreenHouse" program are non-refundable, and the approaches to obtaining them are relatively mild. We all want to save, and the energy consumed for the home is one of our monthly spending and which seems to grow more and more over the years. Why not choose the way we can reduce them over time and invest financial resources in other needs. Thus, we come to determine the main advantages of using solar energy:


  • reducing long-term spending;

  • the degree of pollution is significantly reduced, being even 0;

  • provides domestic hot water and heat during winter;

  • the operating time of solar systems is high, about 20 years;

  • expenditure on equipment maintenance over time is relatively low.



Although once you have participated in the program, you have many advantages as well as in the case of renewable energy, companies producing solar panels have adapted along the way because especially for those who have accessed "Green House" funds have a set of benefits.  


At Servi Therm we have always supported the beneficial initiatives that have matched our customers' needs. For example, our partners at Viessmann have created a set of special promotional packages for the "GreenHouse" program. We have decided to support and protect the environment! How about you?

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